The Art of Properly Cleaning Your Glasses!

The debate has been around since the beginning of time. How DO you clean your eyeglasses? Before I started working in the wonderful world of optical, I would have said paper towels and glass cleaner. (makes sense right? That how we clean windows....)  BUT NO! This is one of the WORST WAYS!!!

Properly caring for your eyeglasses isn't hard. You just need to know which tools to use to keep from ruining your anti-reflective coatings, from scratching your lenses, to even accidentally bending them out of shape. 

First up - THE DON'T LIST!

1. DO NOT use your shirt or any other material on your body to rub them, especially when they are dry! This is absolutely important if you have an anti-reflective coating on your lens. 

2. DON'T use your own saliva to wet your lenses. Think of the germs in your mouth... do you really want those close to your eyes?

3.   DO NOT use household cleaners to clean your lenses. Many of those products have harmful chemicals that can ruin both your lenses and your frames.

4. NO paper towels, napkins, tissues or other paper products! Even the softest feeling tissues can contain wood particles that could scratch your lenses. 

5. DO NOT use rubbing alcohol or alcohol wipes to clean your frames. After a period of time, the alcohol will eat away at your frames causing more damage than you think.


1. First, wash your hands with a lotion free hand wash or dish detergent. Dry hands with a lint free towel (you'll thank yourself later). Rinse your lenses and frames under a gentle stream of tap water. Put a small drop of lotion free dish detergent on each lens (or put a drop on your fingers). Use your fingers to GENTLY rub the detergent into the lenses, nose pads, temples.. everywhere on your glasses. Rinse again under water and then thoroughly dry them with a clean lint free towel. A lint free microfiber towel would also be a great choice.

2. Buy the spray lens cleaner that your optical practice carries. Most practices also will give away those fantastic cleaning cloths. Spray each side of your lens and lightly rub the cleaning cloth until streak free. If you have anti-reflective lenses, double check with your optician that the spray will not harm your lenses. You can wash the cleaning cloths, just don't dry them in the dryer, as they will pick up lint!

Last tip: When your glasses are not on your face, keep them in their case! 


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