Letter to Troop Leaders

Dear Scouting Group Leaders and Parents/Caregivers,

As provider of comprehensive eye care in your community, I am pleased to inform you of the Vision Awareness Patch program, which offers a first-hand look at an optometrist’s office and includes several activities that are fun and educational for your scout(s) to enjoy.

Brought to you by the New York State Optometric Association, our goal for this program is to help your group understand the importance of sight, and how regular, comprehensive eye exams by a doctor of optometry can ensure detection, diagnosis, andprevention or treatment of eye conditions.

Vision is a miraculous and intricateprocess — something most of us take for granted. Eye problems and concerns should notbe thought of as being limited to older people. About 25 percent of school-age children in the United States have vision problems, and it is estimated that more than 150,000 school children suffer eye injuries eachyear.If their eyes haveproblems or their vision is limited, their ability to participate in sports, learn in school, and observe the worldaround them may be significantly impaired and they can easily fall behind their peers.The more that youngpeople know about how their eyes work and the regular carethe eyes need, the more likely they will be to practice eye safety and preventive eye carethroughout their lives.

The Vision Awareness Patch Program also offers an exposure to a career in the profession of optometry, encouraging the possible future study in science and technology.

Please refer to the following page for a list suggested activities for completion for your troop. For more information about eye health and vision care, visit www.nysoa.org.

If you are interested in scheduling a troop visit to our office to complete the patch activities, please contact us at:


Dr. Felix Tao OD
I Care for Eyewear
2375 Rochester Rd.
Suite 500
Canandaigua NY
585 393-0031 work


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