The Best Reason to Wear GOOD Sunglasses!

So everyone can agree sunglasses are AWESOME! There are so many different styles, shapes, colors and sizes.... how is one to choose? I'm one of those people who collect sunglasses... lots and lots of sunglasses. However, before I started working at an optical store, I admit (I'm hanging my head right now.. Sorry Dr. Tao) I collected those sunglasses from anywhere I could get them dirt cheap. Then I learned I could actually be harming my eyes with those dollar finds.

How could I be harming my eyes you might ask? Well let me explain....

Those cheap sunglasses that you can get at the bargain store usually don't have a 100% UV blocker (even if they have a label that says UV protection). UV light is the light from the sun that can cause sunburns on your skin. It also could potentially cause cataracts, macular degeneration and other eye diseases in your eyes. Now you have those super cheap sunglasses with those extra dark lenses (which you THOUGHT would block those pesky UV rays), you're set right? WRONG! Those super dark lenses without that 100% UV protection are actually causing your pupils to enlarge and let more UV rays in! WHAAT??? 

Your best bet is to now find suns with 100% UV blocker or one that absorbs UV up to 400nm (which means 100% blockage). If you're like me and love the huge sunglasses that look like they belong on Charlie's Angels (love the 70's!), you're in luck!! The American Optometric Association (AOA) says that the larger the lens, the better; more lens = more blockage.  The AOA also recommends using polarized lenses as well. While the polarization by itself doesn't block UV, it does provide more clarity and definition (just make sure they come with that handy 100% UV blocker). Outdoor enthusiasts rejoice! You can now see more of those crafty fish that are avoiding your hooks in the lake!

Another option to fully cover your eyes... wrap around sunglasses. Those are the ones you see a lot of professional athletes wear: they have the curved lenses that "wrap" around your head. When you add your 100% UV blocker, polarization and the wrapped lenses... VIOLA! A trifecta of protection for your eyes. 

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