Vision Awareness Patch

The Vision Awareness Patch Program was created to help communities across the nation build awareness in younger generations about the importance of eye care. This program educates children about the importance of eye exams to perpetuate the information onto other community members to understand optical care better. We know that clear and comfortable vision is imperative to a child's success. The Vision Awareness Patch is a way to promote awareness of eye care and get children excited about future careers in science, technology, and engineering while highlighting the profession of optometry. Our team here at I Care for Eyewear in Canandaigua encourages local boy and girl scouts to receive the Vision Awareness Patch right here at our office.

Learning about Vision Exams

When scouts come in to receive a Vision Awareness Patch, one of the things we do is teach them about the importance of annual eye exams. Annual vision exams are an opportunity for our doctor to assess your eyes' overall health. Since children are still developing, we need to identify any problems early on before interfering with school, sports, or other activities. During the eye exam, our eye doctor will also use a series of standard tests to see how well your eyes function.  At your annual exam, we will test how well you can see near and far distances. We also test your depth perception and peripheral vision. Identifying optical issues early on helps patients to understand better what visual limitations they may have. Understanding your limitations allows you to work around them instead of letting them hold you back.

Other Activities We Offer

Besides teaching the importance of understanding your vision, our team will also assist the scouts in learning about a career in optometry. March is the month of the American Optometric Association's National Save Your Vision Month. We will help scouts make posters for their school to promote eye health and proper vision practices. Scout members can also help with the sorting process of recycled eyewear from donations. We offer activities in the dark where one scout is blindfolded while another scout attempts to help them perform mundane tasks. This is a fundamental way of teaching children about how important our vision is to us as humans.  

Contact Us for a Vision Awareness Patch in Canandaigua

The Vision Awareness Patch is a great way to show your community that you are educated about the importance of optometry. At I Care for Eyewear in Canandaigua, we are dedicated to preserving and improving our patients' eyesight. Contact us about how your troop can receive a Vision Awareness Patch. Find out how we can help your community improve with a boy or girl scout patch.


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